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Quick Facts 

School Hours: 8:55 AM to 3:25 PM
Grade Distribution: Kindergarten to Grade 8
Student Enrolment: 450+ students

Our Parish

St. Patrick's Parish
377 Oakland Avenue, London, ON, N5W 5R4
P: 519-451-4600

About Our School

We have 18 homeroom classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 8. All teachers program the instructional day according to the expectations set out in the Ministry of Education Ontario Curriculum.  

All staff at St. Pius X maintain a strong focus on nurturing students daily to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.  Staff, students, and parents work together to provide opportunities for students to develop further in these areas, including various extracurricular clubs and sports activities.

As part of the school improvement planning process, we collaborate as a school team and set annual goals that support continually working toward improving student achievement and well-being.  This year we are focusing on developing self-care skills for maintaining good mental health, recognizing and addressing personal learning needs, and the continued implementation of the new Mathematics curriculum.  


We are blessed with a spacious site.  We have a large school yard, gym & stage, a music room, and a well-equipped and spacious library which houses a large selection of student and teacher resources.  Easy access to technology is a priority, each classroom has a teacher work station, a data projector, and a selection of portable student technology such as iPads and Chromebooks.  We also host a Before & After School Childcare program independently operated by London Children's Connection.

Living Our Faith

We have a strong connection with St Patrick’s Parish.  We are fortunate to have a supportive pastoral team at St. Patrick's which supports the faith journey of our students in a variety of ways. We celebrate Mass on a monthly basis. Some of the Masses are usually celebrated at St. Patrick's Parish, while other Masses are celebrated in the school gym. For now, we continue to celebrate virtually.

In addition to our monthly Masses, we start each day with prayer and scripture reflection as a whole school community.  Whenever possible we celebrate together special events in the church calendar and engage regularly as a school community in support of social justice causes and a variety of charitable activities.  Most months we focus on putting into practice a specific Catholic Graduate Expectation, culminating with an award presented to representative students from each grade who exemplify that particular expectation.

Catholic School Council

We have a dedicated Catholic School Council which works diligently to support our school community. The different activities sponsored by our Catholic School Council support and enhance the programs and resources of the school. For more information on becoming involved in our Catholic School Council, please contact the school office.

Transportation Information 

We are located at the corner of Vancouver and Wavell Streets.  About half of our student population walks to school with the other half eligible for transportation via several buses that bring students to the school beginning at 8:40 a.m. and departing by 3:35 p.m.  There is no visitor parking available in front of the school or in the school parking lots during bus boarding and departure times.  Parents are invited to use the parking lot of the East Lions Community Centre at pick up and drop off times or park where available on a nearby street.

School Safety 

Our safe schools policy is followed stringently, and staff does their utmost to encourage positive behaviour in the school, following the Gospel values and the Positive Behaviour Support model that staff have been trained in and adopted throughout the school board. We also place a strong emphasis on ensuring students focus on the six learning skills that are on the first page of all report cards:  responsibility, independent work, initiative, organization, collaboration, and self-regulation. Progressive Discipline is the approach used when inappropriate behaviours are addressed. 

All visitors (that is, anyone who is not a member of the St Pius X School staff or a student at the school) must sign in at the office and check in with the secretary or the principal. Visitors (including parents) are not permitted to enter the school without authorization from office staff. This is important in case of emergency situations, for the protection of instructional time, and for general student safety and a sense of well-being.​  During regular pick up and drop off times, staff will escort students in or out of the building. If there is a need to drop off or pick up a child throughout the day (e.g., for a doctor's appointment), parents must report to the office.  Early pick up must be made before 3:00 p.m.  The office is not able to facilitate pick up between 3:00 and 3:25 p.m.